Place of Study: ITMO University

Language: English

Duration: 2 weeks (May, 27 - June, 7, 2018)

Outcome: ITMO official certificate, 3 ECTS credits

Deadline: 14 April, 2019

Fees: €300

Organized by ITMO University’s “International Institute of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies”, research summer camp in photonics has been successfully running for four years. The camp’s program is designed for two weeks and consists of three intensive parts:  

  • Theory

Lectures by ITMO’s leading scientists

  • Practice

Individual research project on modern equipment

  • Cultural program

Opportunity to spend two weeks in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree  (2nd year and above), Master’s and PhD degree in Optics, Photonics, Laser Physics and Technology;

  • Interest in Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnology, Quantum Informatics, Femtomedicine, Digital and Display Holography.

Bonuses for Camp Graduates

  • Preference in admission to the Master’s degree program at ITMO University


International Admission Office