ITMO University’s canteen

ITMO University’s innovative cafeteria offers a variety of menus and service formats to suit all tastes. Here, you’ll find anything from snacks to hearty dishes at affordable prices – around 100-250 rubles for a meal. Read our article on how to eat like a Russian to learn more about Russian canteens. Apart from the university's canteen, there are also other canteens in the city that offer similar options at the same prices.

Cooking at home

You can also prepare your meals at the hostel/dormitory you are staying at – needed groceries can be found at nearby stores (Pyaterochka, Dixi, AB, etc.). Find more about supermarkets in Russia and the cost of living. If you are looking for vegan products, you can find them in special stores, such as Veganika, B12 and Vegan Bunker. Some grocery stores such as eco markets, Prisma and AB have a selection of vegan products. Our Vegan’s Survival Guide will help you get more information. Don't feel like cooking today? Take advantage of our handy guide to food delivery in St.Petersburg.

Eating out

St. Petersburg is famous for its eating-out culture, its restaurants offering a wide variety of different cuisines. Depending on your place of choice you go the average bill can vary from 500 to 1,000 rubles. Our university campuses are situated in the city center, which means that there are lots of interesting eating-out spots available, for example, a wide range of Asian cuisine places. Check out this article for more information. There have been more and more vegetarian and vegan options available. Most regular restaurants and cafes also serve vegan and vegetarian meals. On working days, most places offer delicious and affordable lunches from midday to 4pm. Prices vary from 200 to 400 rubles.