Place of Study: online/on-campus

Language: English

Duration: 1 week (June 2023)

Outcome: ITMO official certificate, 2 ECTS

Deadline: on-campus – May 10, 2023; online – June 1, 2023

Fees: 15,000 RUB

Program description

The program is designed for students who have experience in competitive programming. If compared to Codeforces ranking it is for high ranked division 2 participants and low ranked division 1 participants.

Сlasses will include lectures followed by practical workshops where students will solve real-world competitive programming cases on a given topic.

Learn from the world's 7-times programming champions to achieve excellent career expertise!

Who can apply?

  • Students with programming language skills (Python / C++/ Java) 

  • Students proficient in English language (B1 and higher)

What will you get?

  • ITMO’s official certificate, 3 ECTS

  • Experience in solving programming contests tasks 

  • Theoretical knowledge on advanced topics of computer science

  • Additional points when applying for ITMO’s Master’s programs

Why choose ITMO?

Camp Schedule

  • Monday – Maximum-flow, Basic Definitions, Ford-Fulkerson Theorem and Algorithm, Edmonds-Karp Algorithm, Flow Scaling
  • Tuesday – Trie, Aho-Corasick Automaton Build in O(n), Dynamic Programming with "Prefix-function" States
  • Wednesday – 2D Queries, Persistent Segment Tree, Nth Element Query on [L, R], Layered Range Tree and Fractional Cascading
  • Thursday – FFT
  • Friday – Geometry: Polygons, Convex-hull Finding, Convex-hull Queries, Minkowski Sum for Two Convex Polygons

Classes are held from 16:00 to 20:00 Moscow time (GMT +3).