Doers International Open Startup School

Place of Study: Online!

Language: English

Duration: Seprtember 13-24, 2021

Outcome: ITMO Official Certificate, 2 ECTS

Deadline: September 6, 2021

Fees: 400 euro

The Doers is an innovative international educational and mentoring program based on the best practices in technological entrepreneurship for IT/mobile/internet startups interested in entering the Russian and global markets, or those wishing to acquire new knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, design their startup idea, or join a startup team for valuable experience.


  •  B2C and B2B markets for IT/web/mobile in Russia
  •  Local customer development (with the help of Russian English-speaking volunteers)
  •  Fundraising in Russia, Russian VC market
  •  Local entrepreneurship support infrastructure
  •  Specifics of Russian business legislation
  •  Marketing communications & PR for IT startups
  •  Public speaking & presentation skills

Program format

  • Online knowledge database
  • Lectures delivered by guest speakers
  • Experienced trackers to provide help, support and feedback
  • Working in teams of 3 to 4 people – the most effective environment for generating ideas and peer-to-peer motivation
  • International community and networking – a productive ecosystem that allows you to master new tips and tricks on business development and business contacts
  • Teambuilding – the secret weapon of every entrepreneur!

Who can attend?

  •  Students with business ideas or a dream to develop IT startups 
  •  Students who want to get experience in working as part of a startup team
  •  Startup leaders/entrepreneurs looking to acquire new contacts and test-drive their product or idea on the Russian market
  •  Employees of innovative companies and corporations