Doers International Open Startup School

Place of Study: Online!

Language: English

Duration: Seprtember 13-24, 2021

Outcome: ITMO Official Certificate, 2 ECTS

Deadline: September 6, 2021

Fees: 400 euro

Accelerate your startup to worldwide standards as part of an international team!

The Doers is an innovative international educational and mentoring program based on the best practices in technological entrepreneurship for IT/mobile/internet startups interested in entering the Russian and global markets, or those wishing to acquire new knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, design their startup idea, or join a startup team for valuable experience.

Facts about the school

  • 70+ participants since 2019
  • 50+ international experts and mentors, international business network
  • 40+ contact hours with experts during the program
  • 20+ alumni projects since 2019


Event format

  • Online knowledge database
  • Lectures delivered by guest speakers
  • Experienced trackers to provide help, support and feedback
  • Working in teams of 3 to 4 people – the most effective environment for generating ideas and peer-to-peer motivation
  • International community and networking – a productive ecosystem that allows you to master new tips and tricks on business development and business contacts
  • Teambuilding – the secret weapon of every entrepreneur!

Topics covered

  •  B2C and B2B markets for IT/web/mobile in Russia
  •  Local customer development (with the help of Russian English-speaking volunteers)
  •  Fundraising in Russia, Russian VC market
  •  Local entrepreneurship support infrastructure
  •  Specifics of Russian business legislation
  •  Marketing communications & PR for IT startups
  •  Public speaking & presentation skills

Demo Day pitching session

  • Demonstrate the results
  • Acquire valuable contacts (experts, corporates, VCs)
  • Raise investment for your project from business angels and VCs

Who can attend?

  •  Students with business ideas or a dream to develop IT startups 
  •  Students who want to get experience in working as part of a startup team
  •  Startup leaders/entrepreneurs looking to acquire new contacts and test-drive their product or idea on the Russian market
  •  Employees of innovative companies and corporations


Camp Schedule

Day 1. Ideation – The art of the start by Guy Kawasaki: Why to start a startup? Why do startups fail?

Day 2. Choosing a Startup Business Model – Simon Sinek golden circles close; Choosing a startup business model; Quizz

Day 3. Building a Business Model Business Model – Canvas – 1; Assignment

Day 4. Building a Business Model – Business Model – –°ontinuation; Assignments

Day 5. Customer Research Customer Development – Discovering customer needs; Assignment

Day 6. Ideation – Problem interview. How to start? Quiz; Assignments

Day 7. MVP Design – Why do you need an MVP? Who are your customers? Which market do you want to enter? Test the problem; Assignments

Day 8. Marketing Strategy – How to build a customer journey map; Assignment

Day 9. Customer Validation Module – Test your sales

Day 10. How to Present Your Product Right – Presentation outline; How to talk about the product