BIO&ART: 3D Modeling Workshop 2021

Place of Study: Online

Language: English

Duration: July 5-13, 2021

Outcome: 2 ECTS, ITMO Official Certificate

Deadline: June 30, 2021

Fees: 8,200 RUB (~90 euro)

The online 3D Modeling Workshop offers compelling and mind-opening lectures and workshops on the relevant fields of global importance. During the course, students will be introduced to 3D aesthetic approaches for representing the inner structures of the brain, as well as will explore the following topics:

  • 3D modeling of molecules based on the data of DNA and amino acids
  • The role of molecules in our biological behavior
  • The use of psychological theories in artworks
  • The guide to 3D programs (eg. Blender) for digital projects
  • Creating your own NFT artwork


We invite students, young artists, and junior researchers interested in a mix of digital art psychology and biology to join the school. The course does not include programming yet students are required to have laptops or desktops for 3D graphics. The working language is English with a possibility of choosing Spanish.

R.I.S.O.B 3D Workshop

R.I.S.O.B stands for Representing the Inner Structures Of the Brain. During this course, you will master essential skills for 3D modeling and learn how to use such open-source programs as Blender and MakeHuman to create an artistic portrayal of the internal designs of the brain in digital space using the available information in different genetic and protein databases. The course is supplemented with a prologue to the molecular biology of the brain and an analytical psychology approach to the human brain. At the end of the course, students will present their projects at a digital online show and will have the chance to turn their work into an NFT.


Camp Schedule

  • July 5, Monday – Digital Art and Why Turn the Inanimate into Animate Analytical Psychology: How Can We Read Ourselves and Others Through Narratives and Stories
  • July 6, Tuesday – Brain Biology: How Tiniest Molecules Can Affect Our Personality and Behaviour; Molecular Biology. Are We Coded? From DNA to 3D Model. Using Databases and Chimera Software
  • July 7, Wednesday – Blender Workspace and Introduction; Lights and Materials; Basic Elements to Make an Appealing Image; How to Incorporate Already Created 3D Models and Use SketchFab
  • July 10, Saturday – What are NFT and Why Do I Need Them? Individual Consultation and Virtual Studio
  • July 11, Sunday – Individual Consultation and Virtual Studio
  • July 13, Tuesday – Final Exhibition. Open Streaming for ITMO Community and Friends
The program includes lectures and tutorials held every day according to Moscow time (GMT +3)