NanoFuture SCAMT Workshop Week 2021

Place of Study: ITMO University

Language: English

Duration: Week in summer 2021

Outcome: Practical skills in the field of Nanoengineering and/or Biotechnology. ITMO official certificate, 2 ECTS

Deadline: TBD

Fees: 24,000 RUB (~300 euro)

Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s students in respective fields (3rd year and above), Master’s and PhD students 

Program of the summer school

NanoFuture SCAMT Workshop Week (NSWW) is a brand new format of summer schools. During the workshop, you will work on your own project in one of the most modern fields of nanotechnologies and get practical professional skills.  

NSWW is a great opportunity not only to challenge yourself in a new sphere but also to deepen your knowledge in your research field. 

The list of possible projects:

  • Create luminescent spider silk
  • Synthesize nanodrugs
  • Become a top-teacher
  • Study the energy of life-biofuel cell
  • Rule the microbial community, etc.

Besides practical project, you will have an opportunity to learn about new applications of nanotechnologies in the modern world: from Nanopharmacy and inkjet printing to Microbiology and Green Chemistry.


Application documents: motivation letter and CV


Ms. Ekaterina Rassolenko