Place of Study: ITMO University

Language: English

Duration: 2 weeks (5-18 August 2019)

Outcome: Practical skills and experience in art-directions, Art & Science, Experience in Bioinformatics and Experimental Biology, ITMO official certificate, 3 ECTS credits

Deadline: May 14, 2019

Fees: € 450

The BIO+Art Summer Camp Program creates a context for the comprehension of knowledge through discussion and critical thinking. The camp is designed to encourage its participants to analyze and develop global human practice in a stimulating, informal environment. How does an art practice respond to the current state of high technology and globalized methods of cultural production?

The main purposes of the program are:

  • Underline the issues of hi-tech development in the context of the need for humanization of modern society;

  • Develop new communication strategies between science and art;

  • Theoretical and practical parts are conducted in English and involve researchers, artists, curators and members of the public;

  • The Camp’s structure uses the approach “learning through doing”.

The Program runs for two weeks and is open to a maximum of 25 participants with Art, Art & Humanities, and STEM backgrounds (Visual art, Digital design, Media art, Science art, IT, Bio).

Camp Program

The camp’s program consists of parts:

  • Theoretical

 - Lectures conducted by highly-skilled specialists in the Art & Science fields (AI+Art, Posthumanism, Bioethics, Biology, Computer Science, Bioinformatics)

  • Practical

 - Creating BioArt group projects

 - Visiting to leading biotechnology companies, art-residencies in St. Petersburg, contemporary art Department of the State Hermitage Museum

  • Cultural

 - Excursions and tours around St. Petersburg

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s students (3rd year and above), Master’s and PhD students

  • CG, motion design, 3D, generative graphics and art-direction skills (appreciated skills)

  • STEM major (Biology or CS is preferred)

  • Upper-intermediate level of English

  • Portfolio

Bonuses for Camp Graduates

  • Preference in admission to the Master’s degree program in Art & Science and Bioinformatics conducted in English.


International Admission Office