Camp in Optical Systems Design 2021

Place of Study: Online

Language: English

Duration: June 7-20, 2021 – self-preparation period & June 28 - July 9, 2021 – supervised studies

Outcome: ITMO official certificate, 4 ECTS

Deadline: May 20, 2021

Fees: 63,000 RUB (~700 euro)

Program description

The camp is intended for students with a background in optics or those interested in broadening their knowledge in the field of optical systems design. So if you could be easily inspired just by thinking about how to reduce aberrations in optical systems or increase the resolution of the imaging system, this program is exactly the thing for you!

The camp includes several parts — layout design, theory of aberrations, automated design, image quality and tolerancing. The course includes both theory and practical examples that are implemented with modern optical design software.

Who can apply?

  • 4th year Bachelor’s students, Master’s and PhD students in respective fields
  • Students with a strong interest in applied optics, CAD technologies, optical imaging modeling, image processing, and AI.  

What will you get?

  • ITMO’s official certificate, 4 ECTS
  • Practical skills in the construction of optical devices
  • Experience in effective application of optical design software 
  • Project for your portfolio which is the design of some standard optical system for real optical devices
  • Scientific networking
  • Additional points when applying for ITMO’s Master’s programs

What do school fees include?

  • Registration and tuition
  • VR sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg
  • VR guided museum and theater tours
  • All taxes
  • VR Russian cuisine workshop

Why choose ITMO?

The number of participants is limited. Don't miss your chance to join the school!


Camp Schedule

  • June 28, Monday – Designing Process. Introduction to Zemax; Sequential and Non-Sequential Models in Zemax; Modeling the Multi-Lens Systems
  • June 29, Tuesday – Types of Optical Systems; Design of Simple Two-Component Systems; Telescope System, Photo Lens and Microscope Layout Design
  • June 30, Wednesday – Introduction to Aberration Theory. Aberration Types; Monochromatic & Chromatic Aberrations; Achromatic Doublets
  • July 1, Thursday – Image Quality Evaluation; Aberration Balance Evaluation; Using Macro to Facilitate Your Work​; Focal Length Calculation
  • July 2, Friday – Mathematical Basis of Automated Design and Optimization​; Understanding the Relief of MF; Optimization with Zemax OS
  • July 5, Monday – Synthesis, Analysis & Correction of Two-Mirror System and Synthesis, Analysis and Optimization of Laser Collimating Systems
  • July 6, Tuesday – Sensitivity Analysis and Tolerancing: Theoretical Basis, Types of Errors; Elements of Mechanical Design in Optical Engineering; Q&A Session
  • July 7, Wednesday – Special Optical Elements & Modeling in Zemax OS: Prisms and Special Optical Elements & Modeling in Zemax OS: Fibers
  • July 8, Thursday – Telescope System Design and Presentation
  • July 9, Friday – Project Presentation
The program includes lectures and practice classes held every day from 10.00 to 17.00 (Moscow time, GMT +3)