What VR cultural program can we offer?

All ITMO summer school students have the opportunity to have VR tours to the most famous St. Petersburg museums, galleries and theatres accompanied by the best experts and guides. Complimentary to the Russian language classes, ITMO offers a workshop on the basics of Russian cooking. VR Russian Cuisine Workshops will teach students how to prepare classic salads, cook pancakes and pies, and particularly will shed light on the Russian quarantine food and its ultimate hero - buckwheat! 

VR Russian Cuisine Workshop
VR Museum / Theatre Tour

Available for offline schools only:

If requested in advance, we can arrange sightseeing tours, visits to theaters and museums, as well as guided tours of the most beautiful places in St. Petersburg. Just let us know what places you would like to visit, and we will inform you about the costs of the tours you selected.

Check out this document to learn about the most popular tourist destinations in the city!

Visit to the Pavlovsk Palace
Visit to the Peterhof Palace
Boat tour of St. Petersburg
The tour of St. Petersburg by night
Guided tour of St. Petersburg's Cathedrals and Churches
Guided tour of St. Petersburg's Bridges
The tour of Museums and Art Galleries
Visit to Ballet / Opera at St. Peterburg's Theatres