How do you get around in St. Petersburg?

A one-way metro ride costs 65 rubles. You can purchase a coin that works as a ticket for one ride. In other types of public transport, you have to pay by cash upon entering. You pay for your fare to a staff who is usually dressed in an orange vest or, in some cases, directly to a driver. 

If you plan to use public transportation often, we recommend purchasing a “Podorozhnik” card as a payment method for your commute. You can buy the card at any metro station, and you can top it up whenever you want. Thanks to this card, your fare will come with a discount which increases the more you use it. Check out our article about navigating public transport in St. Petersburg to learn more. 

Metro is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to travel around the city. The metro stations are also among the most beautiful stations in the world, so look out for those hidden gems. 

It is also advisable to download the metro map for easier navigation.

Buses and trolleybuses are a very convenient way to travel around the city, and most of the times, stops are announced in English.

Like any other big city, St. Petersburg is not an exception when it comes to rush hours. Rush hours usually happen in the mornings (7-10 am) and evenings (5-8 pm). Walking can be a good way to avoid rush hours, and also to see the city at the same time.